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Wow, The Best Beaches in Krui West Coast


Wow, The Best Beaches in Krui West Coast

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This location presents sunlight, gentle breeze, crashing waves, islands, coconut trees, coral reefs, fish, shrimp, squid, and exotic beaches.

FAVORITE: A favorite destination for foreign tourists. (Photo: Net)

LAMPUNG is widely known as one of the provinces with many stunning natural tourist destinations. Allah Subhanawata’ala has blessed Lampung with a coastline stretching from Pesisir Barat Regency, Tanggamus, Pesawaran, Bandarlampung, Lampung Selatan to Lampung Timur.

To reach Krui, there are two ways. Definitely by land transportation. Passing through the West Cross Road, crossing the road within the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park (TNBBS) area.

Then, there is occasionally an option for air transportation, but it might not always be available. It can be reached from Radin Inten Airport (TKG) to Taufik Kiemas Airport (TFY).

The beach directly faces the Indian Ocean, with deep sea characteristics, big waves, and swells. It is highly recommended for non-expert swimmers to avoid swimming in the sea.

This location brings forth sunlight, gentle breeze, crashing waves, islands, coconut trees, coral reefs, fish, shrimp, squid, and exotic beaches.

After exploring some of the beaches in South Lampung, now, the Radar Lampung TV team invites us all to take a closer look at the attractions in Krui, Pesisir Barat Regency.

1. Tanjung Setia Beach

Foreign tourists have long been familiar with the beaches in this regency known as the Land of Para Sai Batin and Para Ulama. In 2023, more than 26 thousand foreign tourists visited one of the best surfing spots in Indonesia.

MESMERIZING: Photo IG: lampunginsta

For those who aren’t into surfing, you can still enjoy Tanjung Setia Beach. It has a natural beach with beautiful white sand along the coast.

The beach area is filled with lush palm trees, making it even more beautiful to enjoy while watching the incoming waves. The sunset view in the evening creates a beautiful combination with the high waves.

The entrance ticket to the beach is very affordable. Here, there are facilities for relaxation and accommodations.

2. Labuhan Jukung Beach

This beach is the icon of Krui Town. Offering natural beauty and breathtaking sunsets, it’s perfect for capturing the moment of the setting sun. Labuhan Jukung has become a charming area and a primary destination for weekend tourists.

BEAUTIFUL: Labuhan Jukung Beach. (Photo: Net)

The beach management understands the changing times and the needs of tourists. They manage the beach to cater to the preferences of young people, from Instagrammable spots to providing various facilities.

This beach combines natural beauty with the sunset moments, resembling the beaches in Bali.

The expanse of fine white sand makes visitors relaxed, accompanied by the calming sound of the waves. The gentle sea breeze and the blue-green sea view further soothe the eyes and mind.

Located in Pekon Kampung Jawa, Pesisir Tengah Subdistrict, this location can be reached within 5 hours from Bandar Lampung City or 22 minutes from Tanjung Setia Beach.

The journey to Labuhan Jukung is never boring as you’ll be mesmerized by the beautiful panorama, making the journey exciting.

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