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Exoticism of Beaches in Tanggamus Regency, Number 3 Resembling Nature Paintings


Exoticism of Beaches in Tanggamus Regency, Number 3 Resembling Nature Paintings

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TANGGAMUS – The province of Lampung possesses beautiful and charming beaches complete with stunning coral formations.

Among these beaches that offer both sandy stretches and towering coral formations is found in the Tanggamus regency.

For travelers who appreciate the beauty of beaches and the allure of coastal coral formations, a visit to the beaches in Tanggamus regency is certainly worth considering.

The beauty of these coral formations even resembles real-life nature paintings that can be admired with the naked eye. Here is the exquisiteness of five beaches in Tanggamus Regency that you must explore:

Dragon Stone Beach

Dragon Stone Beach: Coral Formations Resembling a Dragon


The beaches in the Kelumbayan district of Tanggamus Regency have retained their natural charm. One cannot truly claim to be a traveler without experiencing the sensation of Dragon Stone Beach.

The allure of Dragon Stone Beach lies not only in the beauty of the beach and the row of rock formations resembling dragons but also in the legend of the dragon itself. Numerous travelers who have visited this coastal area in Tanggamus, Lampung, express their deep impressions.

The thundering crash of waves where the seawater meets the land in Teluk Lampung and the towering rock formations are clearly visible as visitors approach the beach.

Located in the Kelumbayan district of Tanggamus Regency, Lampung, Dragon Stone Beach is relatively unknown to many travelers, including those within the Lampung region itself.

True to its name, the stretch of rock formations along the beach resembles a dragon. This is why the local community refers to it as Dragon Stone Beach. In fact, the black rock formations are reminiscent of Bali’s Tanah Lot.

Apart from the locals, Dragon Stone Beach remains relatively obscure. Only a few travelers intend to visit this location due to the lack of well-established road access.

The legend of Dragon Stone Beach is entwined with myths of a dragon turning into a stone after drinking water, a tale deeply ingrained in the community of Negeri Kelumbayan in Tanggamus Regency.

Furthermore, there’s another version that suggests the dragon-shaped rock formations resulted from a curse uttered by a powerful figure, turning them into stone.

Beyond mere legend, the beauty of Dragon Stone Beach is enhanced by the expanse of sand and the crashing waves that collide with the coral formations. The hospitality of the local residents also adds to the complete charm of Dragon Stone Beach.

Suluh Stone Beach

The Charm of Suluh Stone Beach or Kelapa Nunggal Beach in Tanggamus Regency (Photo: Ardi)


Suluh Stone Beach, also known as Kelapa Nunggal Beach, has its distinct characteristic: the red-colored beach sand. The name “Suluh” is derived from the Lampung language, meaning red.

The name Kelapa Nunggal translates to “solitary coconut” because there is a single coconut tree growing on a rock at the edge of the beach.

This beach is located in Pekon (Village) Negeri Kelumbayan, Batu Suluh Hamlet, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency. It is approximately 80 kilometers away from the center of Bandar Lampung, requiring a 3-4 hour journey by four-wheeled or two-wheeled vehicles. From Bandar Lampung, head towards Padang Cermin, passing by Klara Beach. Turn left at Padang Cermin towards Bawang Punduh Pidada.

At the Kiluan Intersection, continue straight uphill towards Gigi Hiu Pegadungan. Follow this road. From the Kiluan Intersection, Dragon Stone Beach is about 6.8 kilometers away.

On some sections of the road, you’ll encounter uphill and downhill stretches. When the road is still unpaved, it can be a challenge for adventure seekers. However, the road has now been improved and is relatively well-maintained.

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