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Exoticism of Beaches in Tanggamus Regency, Number 3 Resembling Nature Paintings


Exoticism of Beaches in Tanggamus Regency, Number 3 Resembling Nature Paintings

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Before the road was developed, travelers had to cross Way Balak, a clear river where off-roaders could take a dip. But now, there’s a bridge that facilitates vehicle crossing.

The beauty of Suluh Stone Beach is further enhanced by the backdrop of mountains. The best viewpoint is also from above using a drone for capturing videos and photos.


Shark Teeth Beach

The Allure of Shark Teeth Beach in Kelumbayan, Lampung (Photo: ardi)


There’s no doubt about the beauty of Shark Teeth Beach, with its coral formations resembling a natural painting. Often, Shark Teeth Beach serves as a spot for pre-wedding photoshoots or as a location for music video and film shoots.

It’s named Shark Teeth Beach due to the coral formations that resemble sharp shark teeth. The arrangement of the coral formations resembles a row of shark teeth. These coral clusters consist of varying heights and widths, ranging from 1 to 10 meters in height.

Forget the typical image of white and fine sand found on other beaches. Shark Teeth Beach offers an artistic display of natural rock formations scattered along its coastline.

Walking closer to the shoreline, you’ll come across towering coral clusters.

This view will undoubtedly leave you in awe of the beauty of this beach, situated in Pegadungan Village, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency.

The crashing waves emerging through the gaps in the rock formations add to the exoticism of the beach.

However, it’s not recommended to be near the coral formations during high waves and strong winds. Also, travelers should avoid being here past 6 PM as the waves start to get higher.

The journey to Shark Teeth Beach follows a similar route to Suluh Stone Beach but continues further to Pegadungan Village, Kelumbayan District, Tanggamus Regency.

Upon arrival, there are signs directing you to Shark Teeth Beach. It takes only 5 minutes from the main road to reach the parking area for Shark Teeth Beach.

The management charges a parking fee of Rp 5,000 (Indonesian Rupiah) per person for those arriving here.


White Coral Doh Beach Cukuh Balak

KaranBeach or Karang Putih Cukuh Balak Beach (Foto : IG masteguh78)

White Coral Doh Beach, also known as Cukuh Balak White Coral Beach. White Coral Doh Beach is one of the stunning beaches in Tanggamus Regency.

It doesn’t just offer exquisiteness; there’s a towering rock with a unique shape that’s highly Instagrammable.

This white-colored coral rock stands tall on the beach, giving the beachscape a distinctive touch. The white sandy beach remains relatively undiscovered, making it less frequented by tourists.

The location is quite remote from settlements, allowing the natural beauty of the area to remain untouched. The presence of this unique rock formation is reminiscent of Gigi Hiu Beach and Batu Tihang on the West Coast of Lampung, which also have photogenic rocks on their shores.

This beach is located in Putih Doh Village, Cukuh Balak District, situated to the south of the Tanggamus Regency capital. The route to Cukuh Balak from Bandar Lampung passes through Pringsewu, then turns towards Pardasuka, Bulok, Tanjakan Gayau, Limau, and finally to the Badak area.

Afterward, follow the road close to the coastline and reach Cukuh Balak. Alternatively, you can take the Way Ratai Road to Padang Cermin. Upon arriving at the Umbul Kluwih Market, turn left and cross the bridge, then follow the road until you reach Cukuh Balak, covering a distance of approximately 90 kilometers.

Using Google Maps will make it easier to reach this location. As of now, there is no public transportation available to reach this location, so travelers who wish to visit White Coral Doh Beach should opt for private transportation.


Gung Wani Beach

Gung Wani Beach, with its captivating karst formations and sea pool (Photo: Ardi)


Situated in Tanggamus Regency, the uniqueness of Gung Wani Beach sets it apart from other beaches. Here, travelers encounter a beach with a vast stretch of sand and coral formations that resemble a train engulfed by crashing waves.

A large seawater pool is formed within the encircling coral, its greenish-blue water adding to the beach’s enchantment.

You’ll find it delightful to immerse yourself in the sea water while reveling in the captivating scenery at Gung Wani Beach. This beach features coral formations that create cave-like structures, adorned with neatly arranged rock formations.

Gung Wani Beach (Drone Radar Lampung TV)

Gung Wani is a hidden small beach in Batu Suluh Hamlet. The sand is coarse with large grains and scattered rock formations.

The journey from Bandar Lampung to Gung Wani Beach takes about 3 hours.

For adventure enthusiasts, the journey provides a gratifying experience as they enjoy breathtaking views of the sea from hilltops. (*)